An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Leaving NOTHING untouched.

I’ve always had a love for awesome cars and motorcycles. When my father took me to Laguna Seca Raceway as a kid to watch Cal Rayborn win on a Harley Davidson in the first AMA National motorcycle road race ever held there.. That was 1972 and I was hooked. The rest is as they say, “history”. Dad’s best friend Stan Coffee gave me the entire field of racers and bikes, and he took the 2 Harley’s. The bet was 1 dollar, and I lost. It was a moment that changed my life forever.

Whether it’s a Ducati, a Honda, Yamaha or Buick or Subaru, I have had my way with them, made them my own, and caught the attention of other people in the process. It is definitely an obsession of sorts. 

I have been called extremely OCD and been laughed at for paying attention to details most other people take for granted. In the end, I win over the naysayers because of that attention to detail.

Granted, my “style” is not for everyone. But it is my own, and it is what I do. 







Deception is key

Things are not always what they seem

This was my first turbo charged car. A 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX.
No hood scoop, no giant wing.

376 All Wheel Horsepower, front mount intercooler, water/methanol injection, Brembo Brakes, RaceComp Engineering suspension and EVERY GTSpec chassis brace made as well as Group-N bushings and mounts (all of them) turned this car into a freeway MONSTER. It was easily the best handling car I had ever driven or owned at that point in time.

It embodied the “sleeper” concept completely. An entire STi driveline was swapped in, as well as the interior and seats.

Defi full sweep gauges and a full red LED light conversion of the dash and controls turned the cockpit into a fighter jet Zen. It was an incredibly fun car to build, and even more fun to drive it like I stole it.

Two of a Kind

2003 Yamaha WR444F

EVERYTHING on this build was custom and at the time, had never been done before. The entire big bore engine, piece by piece was powder coated (solar black). Custom Marchesini Magnesium Wheels, Polished and anodized (red) Braking calipers, powder coated frame, 2005 Yamaha YZ426F bodywork and tank, with a custom 2006 WR450 rear tail light grafted in under the fender. Hydraulic clutch master and slave with a Barnet basket and imported Italian slipper clutch assembly.The forks and shock were DLC and it had a titanium Factory Yamaha exhaust. Not a single part was left untouched. Everything was either anodized or powder coated including blue anodized aluminum radiators!.

Multiple award winning bike…. It was so cool, I built my wife one just like it.
YES, we had 2 of these. My wifes bike had to have polished and anodized spoked wheels so we could tell them apart.